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The Company was incorporated in Bangkok, Thailand on 1 September 1997.
Our office is centrally located in the business district of Bangkok which is only
about seven kilometres from the Bangkok Port. An expressway links the Bangkok
Port to our premises.

Prior to the closure of operations of Inchcape Survey and Adjusting(Thailand)
Limited, who was the former Lloyd's Agents in Bangkok, Thailand on 31
August 1997, the staff members of Inchcape Survey and Adjustinf(Thailand)
Limited, together with Marine Surveyors (Thailand) Limited and their staff
members and also W.K. Webster & Co.,London formed Allied Surveyors and
Adjusters Limited.

Alled Surveyors and Adjusters Limited was appointed as the Lloyd's Agent in
Thailand as from 1 September 1997. The Company was also appointed by Comite
d' Etudes et de Services des Assureurs Marine et France (CEASM) as their
Correspondent as from 1 Septemper 1997. On 16 July 2003, the Company was
appointed by the American Institute of Marine Underwriters, New York as their

Our chairman who is the most senior staff member of the Company has been
working for the Lloyd's Agent in Thailand since 1968.

Our Company provides the following services in our capacity.

1. Damage cargo surveys
2. Outturn surveys of breabulk, containerized and refrigerted cargoes.
3. Pre-shipment surveys of breakbulk, containered cargoes.
4. Claims adjusting and setting services.
5. Recovery services.

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